Custom Orthotics

Why Custom Orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics are prescription medical devices, designed to adjust and control the functions of the foot and its alignment with the lower leg, knee, and hip. They are used to treat and prevent injury-causing motions including excessive pronation (collapsing in) and supination (rolling out) of the foot and make standing, walking, and running more efficient. Some custom orthotics are designed to redistribute pressure on the bottoms of your feet to alleviate pain from corns, callouses, or bony prominences. 

Our Process

We partner with Atlas Orthotic Group to provide our patients with the best possible orthotics that are made uniquely custom to your feet. After a thorough biomechanical assessment and gait analysis, we will take a 3D foam impression cast of your feet in order to ensure your orthotics are unique to you. This cast will be used to create an orthotic that is molded directly to the shape of your foot.

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See common conditions treated with custom orthotics below!

Common conditions Treated with orthotics

Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Pain

Flat Foot

Cavus Doot (Rigid high arch)

Stiff Big Toe (Hallux Rigitus)

Osteoarthritis of the Ankle

Osteoarthritis of the Knee and Hip


Correcting Running Mechanics

Leg Length Deformity

Hammer Toe or Claw Toe


Diabetic Neuroma 

Low back pain

Toe Pain