A little about us

Our Mission

To provide the Valley East community with evidence-informed, quality chiropractic care, in order to help as many patients as possible to get out of pain, and STAY out of pain. People deserve to live the life that they set out to live and should not be limited by musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Jordan makes your goals, his goals. 

Our Vision

Ultimately it is our dream to provide the Valley East community with a multi-disciplinary practice where all of your health care needs are taken care of with a modern approach. We understand that your health is a priority and we strive to meet all of your needs under one roof when it comes to musculoskeletal health care. We strive to provide our community with the highest quality of care because you deserve it. 

Dr. Jordan Returns Home to Serve his Community

Dr. Jordan spent his childhood and early adult years in the Valley East community while living in both Hanmer and Val Therese before heading to Toronto for his studies. Dr. Jordan is excited to bring a modern approach to chiropractic care back to the Valley East community and hopes to help as many people as he can throughout his career. He began his very own practice in May of 2023 and hasn't looked back since. 

Dr. Jordan utilizes a diversified approach to chiropractic care which includes a combination of spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy, vibration therapy, and lifestyle advice. 


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